What do we look for in speakers?

  • Engaging presenters discussing past projects, project management techhniques, or leadership

  • Local Speakers

  • Speakers who are looking to share knowledge.

  • Speakers who do not require a fee or travel reiumbursement

What is Our Typical Audience Size? - We generally have about 35-45 members attend our meetings.

Where do you meet? - Local business places of interest conducive for meetings and presentations.

What is the presentation format? - You will have the floor for 45 minutes. We have a laptop and projector you can use to deliver your presentation. It has Windows 8 and Office 2013. We have a wireless slide advancer.

What should I wear? - I recommend Business Formal Attire. Roughly 20% of the audience will wear suits, most of the audience will have dress shirts and slacks.

Interested? - email programs@pmi-mcac.org with your presentation title, abstract, and contact information.