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Agile Community of Practice

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Common practices and language

  • Bonding by exposure to common problems
  • Groups that learn
  • Members evolve more creative practice
  • Community of practice (ACoP) works in partnership with MCAC-PMI’s community outreach team to provide recommendations on the design of MCAC-PMI’s Agile Program, which will build productive relationships with agile community members

Agile CoP Specific

  • Active and enthusiastic member of Agile MMAG, influencer, champion or facilitator
  • Strong understanding of MCAC-PMI's goals, principles and strategic direction
  • Strong understanding of Agile groups features, functionality, voice, culture and guidelines
  • Enjoys working collaboratively with a team both in person and virtual
  • Able to work independently and virtually to complete deliverables


May 22 - Agile CoP MeetUp

June 6 - Agile CoP Lean Lunch

June  26 - Agile CoP MeetUp

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