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Agile Workshop Offered This Fall

Professional Development Day - Thursday, November 30, 2017

Capital-Leadership in the 21st Century

Held at one of the Capital’s historical meeting places: The Country Club of Lansing! 

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Chapter President Gabrielle Haskins Presents to
PMI Western Michigan Chapter

Can you work like a man where you have to travel for work, be in business meetings all day, to not be considered a bad mom? Why do I even have to say work like a man? 

Some moms nowadays are choosing to work full time while their husbands stay at home full time. This was definitely not the same in 1972, where majority of woman preferred to stay at home versus go to work. Although even now, man get a surprised stare when they say they are 'at home dads'. The funny thing is some of them think that only means taking care of the kids, and not also cleaning the house, grocery shopping, etc. These are great points that Gabrielle B. Haskins brought up during WMPMI monthly lunch meeting. Play the video

ICHITA-WM IT Forum Joint Conference at
Western Michigan University

How agility can allow for innovation and support our cyber security efforts

Presented by PMI-MCAC officers Gabrielle B, Haskins and Mei Y. Lim.

In this session, our team of Project Management Professionals will introduce participants to a hands-on 90-minute Agility Experience. We will introduce a summary of the new PMBOK Agility concept and use a simulated challenging situation allowing participants the opportunity to experience the difference when multi-disciplinary team members use creative problem-solving and rapid feedback in traditional and short cycle approaches. This short introduction to Agile is intended to create awareness and interest in building more creative, multi-functional teams, that are flexible and can respond quickly to problems or crisis situations increase quality on delivery of product and services, reduce time to market, help manage priorities and production cost. Learn more and register.

We'll be continually making updates to the website. Keep checking with us as we make improvements to the chapter website.   

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What’s Your Annual PDU Check-up?
A year ago PMI launched the new Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) program. It's time to do a check-up and see how you and your colleagues have been earning PDUs so far.

PMI Announces PMIAA Passed by the U.S. Senate 
The bill was sent to former President Barack Obama for signature and enactment. This legislation will make improvements to program and project management policy across the U.S. government. It is a landmark achievement for our profession, and it would not be possible without the support of members like you. PMI has been working since 2014 on the development and passage of the PMIAA with Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA), Sen. Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND) and Sen. Bob Casey (D-PA). For more information on the passage of the PMIAA, read the official press release.ally offers live webinars from the industry's most respected voices on the most relevant and important topics today. These webinars also help you earn PDUs! Please keep in mind that the capacity for the live webinars is limited, but you can always watch the archived webinars later—and we offer an extensive library of on-demand webinars you can also explore. 

Read the Latest Issues of PMNetwork and PMI Today 

PMI Today January 2017

The latest issues of PMNetwork and PMI Today are now available to PMI members. In the current issue of PMNetwork one of the most famous bands in history, The Rolling Stones, brought a new level of stakeholder meticulousness to a memorabilia project. See how the project team brought them satisfaction. Be sure to also checkout the latest issue of PMI Today which features "Looking Ahead at 2017." 

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